The famous Breton stripes have been back in fashion …again. They started showing up in the last couple of years and it seems they’re here to stay. I mean what’s not to like. They are brilliant teamed with Jeans, work trousers, skirt. Here’s a few I collected in the recent years.  



Remember, remember the 5th of November…well 31st Oct

It has been an extremely long time since I’ve blogged. Okay let’s start again.

Today, we went Cringle Park see the fireworks as it’s Bon Fire night. And had a whole lot of hot dogs and plenty of cakes.


My attempt at making cake – a Victoria sponge cake with Lemon curd filling


And my friend Sharon’s (snagadya) awesome white chocolate cake with buttercream icing in the shape of roses. Yum yum!


Birthday cake and Tea

Just a bit off tangent from tour de la maison, here’s some highlight from my weekend!

This weekend was my friend’s Sharon’s Birthday, so I baked her a cake, not just any cake, a chocolate cake, not just chocolate cake, a three layered choc cake with sprinkles! YUM!

Here’s a pic! So we watched X Factor USA and Dumbo till midnight and cut this yummy cake! not that we were full from dinner already, but who says no to chocolate cake! ūüėČ Recipe quite simple…it’s from Nestle Carnation’s website!

On Saturday I went with my friend Matthew to town to this lovely teashop in the Northern Quarter. It’s called Teacup and sells delicious cakes, along with massive pots of Tea, although we both had coffee, haha! If you’re ever in town, it’s a must visit.

So it’s finally autumn weather, so got my inner kitty had have worn leapord prints all weekend. Shoes from Faith, Top from Zara!

Hope you all had a good Monday! Bring on Tuesday! A bientot for now! XX

Wish you were here…Postcards

We love postcards! We enjoy sending them while on holiday and¬†receiving¬†them from friends and family! here are few stuck around our house along with some cards, notes, photos, etc….

Instead of nailing postcards to the wall I bought a string attached it to the wall and pegged these pretty cards.

More postcards and cards, along with our wedding invitation card. Along with souvenirs we’ve bought postcards as well that are stuck on this wall that reminds us of our holidays! ¬†oh I guess you spotted you already spotted the ¬†Zebra postcard. ¬†That one’s from Ikea!

This resembles our pet cat Emma, black and white and mostly gorgeous!

Some animal postcards above our bath tub!

Hope you’re all having a good week. Well Wednesday is almost over so it’s count down to the weekend! yay! ok off to watch Music and Lyrics on the Telly! Happy Mid week! ¬†XX

Maps…North, South, East, West!

We love maps! we’ve got a couple them ¬†hanging (actually stuck with blue tack) on our walls and there is so much beauty in them. They are colourful, informative, and reminds you of the places you’ve been and want to go!

Here are some of the maps round our humble home!

When we moved to England I had no idea where most of the county were! So my loving husband put up this map of UK outside our bedroom wall. UK is beautiful. ¬†It’s green, the food is great, lots of places to visit and the people are nice (especially up north ;-p)! England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales! All very beautiful! This was purchased on the MV Doulos ship.

This map was a gift to my husband. It’s a scratch map so you can scratch the countries you’ve visited! Think it’s quite cool! Purchased on

This tray with an ancient map of Africa was a wedding gift from my in-laws. Africa is beautiful. The people, the sights, the animals, everything! We’ve served many of our friends and family teas and cakes on this tray. It holds many cups! It’s from Banana Boat in Kampala.

Je’taime Paris! A map of Paris with La Seine, Eiffel tower, Montmatre, Louvre…everything that reminds us of our trip to Paris! Purchased at a souvenir¬†shop in Paris.

Hope you enjoyed this! Has been a while since my last post, as I was enjoying the sun while it last. But alas it’s now autumn! bring on the scarves and¬†woolly¬†jumpers!


Did you know that  their stripe patterns are as distinctive as fingerprints are in humans. Ok I have an obsession with Zebras. I feel like that crazy frog lady in Little Britain. They are very pretty.

So here are some  Zebbys who inhabit with us at home.

In order of photos:

  • The wall picture is from Ikea. We had our eye on it for ages and we eventually bought it for each other as an anniversary present this year.
  • That’s Juliet. She sits/stands on my bedside table. She’s named after the lady who sold it me in the Craft market in Kampala.
  • The Zebra wall hanging is what graces people when they enter our house.
  • And that is Spot our pet zebra
  • Zebra bowl for keys, phones, jewellery, etc.

I got to see some for real when we we’ve been to Uganda couple of times. Hope you enjoyed this!¬†

Lights Fairy Lights!

Summer Lights

Lights are pretty! Especially on a Christmas tree. But why wait till Christmas to bring these beauties out? So I had bought these lanterns at World Market in South Carolina when I visited my sister. And voila added these to my winter lights and had them all summer. The lamp next to it was a gift from our dear friends in Dubai for our wedding shower. It’s from Kenya. The two mosaic vases on top of the bookshelf were given by my best friends as a going away present. Bookshelf from Ikea – Ofcourse!

On a summers days, a glass or Pimms, summer lights and a French film. Beautiful!


Welcome to my blog! Take your shoes off, put on some comfy slippers and explore our little home with features I’ve created. ¬†Hope you enjoy and leave a comment if you like! XX