Month: September 2011


Did you know that  their stripe patterns are as distinctive as fingerprints are in humans. Ok I have an obsession with Zebras. I feel like that crazy frog lady in Little Britain. They are very pretty.

So here are some  Zebbys who inhabit with us at home.

In order of photos:

  • The wall picture is from Ikea. We had our eye on it for ages and we eventually bought it for each other as an anniversary present this year.
  • That’s Juliet. She sits/stands on my bedside table. She’s named after the lady who sold it me in the Craft market in Kampala.
  • The Zebra wall hanging is what graces people when they enter our house.
  • And that is Spot our pet zebra
  • Zebra bowl for keys, phones, jewellery, etc.

I got to see some for real when we we’ve been to Uganda couple of times. Hope you enjoyed this! 

Lights Fairy Lights!

Summer Lights

Lights are pretty! Especially on a Christmas tree. But why wait till Christmas to bring these beauties out? So I had bought these lanterns at World Market in South Carolina when I visited my sister. And voila added these to my winter lights and had them all summer. The lamp next to it was a gift from our dear friends in Dubai for our wedding shower. It’s from Kenya. The two mosaic vases on top of the bookshelf were given by my best friends as a going away present. Bookshelf from Ikea – Ofcourse!

On a summers days, a glass or Pimms, summer lights and a French film. Beautiful!


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