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Birthday cake and Tea

Just a bit off tangent from tour de la maison, here’s some highlight from my weekend!

This weekend was my friend’s Sharon’s Birthday, so I baked her a cake, not just any cake, a chocolate cake, not just chocolate cake, a three layered choc cake with sprinkles! YUM!

Here’s a pic! So we watched X Factor USA and Dumbo till midnight and cut this yummy cake! not that we were full from dinner already, but who says no to chocolate cake! 😉 Recipe quite simple…it’s from Nestle Carnation’s website!

On Saturday I went with my friend Matthew to town to this lovely teashop in the Northern Quarter. It’s called Teacup and sells delicious cakes, along with massive pots of Tea, although we both had coffee, haha! If you’re ever in town, it’s a must visit.

So it’s finally autumn weather, so got my inner kitty had have worn leapord prints all weekend. Shoes from Faith, Top from Zara!

Hope you all had a good Monday! Bring on Tuesday! A bientot for now! XX