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Wish you were here…Postcards

We love postcards! We enjoy sending them while on holiday and receiving them from friends and family! here are few stuck around our house along with some cards, notes, photos, etc….

Instead of nailing postcards to the wall I bought a string attached it to the wall and pegged these pretty cards.

More postcards and cards, along with our wedding invitation card. Along with souvenirs we’ve bought postcards as well that are stuck on this wall that reminds us of our holidays!  oh I guess you spotted you already spotted the  Zebra postcard.  That one’s from Ikea!

This resembles our pet cat Emma, black and white and mostly gorgeous!

Some animal postcards above our bath tub!

Hope you’re all having a good week. Well Wednesday is almost over so it’s count down to the weekend! yay! ok off to watch Music and Lyrics on the Telly! Happy Mid week!  XX