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Maps…North, South, East, West!

We love maps! we’ve got a couple them  hanging (actually stuck with blue tack) on our walls and there is so much beauty in them. They are colourful, informative, and reminds you of the places you’ve been and want to go!

Here are some of the maps round our humble home!

When we moved to England I had no idea where most of the county were! So my loving husband put up this map of UK outside our bedroom wall. UK is beautiful.  It’s green, the food is great, lots of places to visit and the people are nice (especially up north ;-p)! England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales! All very beautiful! This was purchased on the MV Doulos ship.

This map was a gift to my husband. It’s a scratch map so you can scratch the countries you’ve visited! Think it’s quite cool! Purchased on

This tray with an ancient map of Africa was a wedding gift from my in-laws. Africa is beautiful. The people, the sights, the animals, everything! We’ve served many of our friends and family teas and cakes on this tray. It holds many cups! It’s from Banana Boat in Kampala.

Je’taime Paris! A map of Paris with La Seine, Eiffel tower, Montmatre, Louvre…everything that reminds us of our trip to Paris! Purchased at a souvenir shop in Paris.

Hope you enjoyed this! Has been a while since my last post, as I was enjoying the sun while it last. But alas it’s now autumn! bring on the scarves and woolly jumpers!